New pc build won't post/show bios; please help

I just attempted to build my first pc, i put it all together and all the lights turned on, fans are running, but the "boot LED" just stays on and i never see BIOS.

My parts are
Ryzen 1700x
MSI gaming pro carbon
noctua d15-am4 special edition
2x8gb corsair platinum @3000mhz
Intel m.2 600p ssd

I took everything off the motherboard, looked for bent pins on the cpu, did not see any-reseated.
Even though the RAM LEDS were on, indicating working (according to manual) I reseated those.
Reinstalled the cpu fan and thermal paste
Reseated the m.2 ssd

Tried to boot it up without the gpu installed, still won't go to BIOS. I really dont know what to do.

My first build was suppose to be fun, this has been a nightmare, your help is really appreciated.
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  1. As an update, after a mega shit ton of more attempts of me literally just powering it on and off, i got some action. I don't know if anyone can confirm this however, the hdmi cord/dvi must be connected to the dedicated gpu for ryzen as it will not work with just the cpu installed?

    That being said, i still dont know what was causing the BOOT LED to be on, even after my first attempt post-reseating everything and checking my connections. Still interested in knowing what the issue(s) were in case i ever sign up to do this again.

    For now, assuming it still works when i wake up in the AM, im relieved to finally have it 'fixed.' (i guess).
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