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Hello people . I'm from India and i upgrading my gpu . But on i only find 1050ti mini . What is is ths "mini". Is there any difference in this model? I also wanted to ask , if Zotac Geforce-gtx 1050ti OverClock Will be better with Gigabyte GA-H110M-S2 Socket LGA 1151 Motherboard and Intel core i3-6100 LGA 1151. Please help me :)
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    The "mini" version pertains to the size/form of the GTX 1050Ti. It consists of a single fan and card length of only ~145mm. This type of models are best suited for mini-ITX cases where there is limited space to fit components inside. Drawback of this type of GPU is the noise and fan performance, as the single fan would have to work twice as hard (more noise) to dissipate heat. Clock speeds are also usually lower than normal-sized versions. The advantage is the cost (cheaper).

    The OC (overclock) version is a dual-fan sized GTX 1050Ti, factory-overclocked to a higher clock speed than the default speeds of a GTX 1050Ti. It can fit in normal-sized ATX cases (even micro-ATX cases). The advantage is lower noise and temps relatively compared to "mini" or "ITX" versions of the GPU. Sometimes, the disadvantage is the cost (unless on a discounted price/promo).

    If your case can fit the dual-fan sized (which is 174mm in length), then I'd personally choose that over the "mini" version.
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