Will I5 7600k oc to 5ghz with h80i v2?

I am doing a build next week and I really want to hit a 5ghz oc. I'm gonna use an Asus z270f Mobo with a h80i v2 liquid cooler. Will I be able to hit 5ghz and at what temps.
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  1. No you would need a beafy system or custom loop and a really good mobo that will overclock to that high
  2. There is no way to know how high any given CPU will OC until you try. Every chip can have different limits.

    The H80i is a good CLC though. The Fan is a little noisy, but it will cool the CPU well enough that you shouldn't be thermally limited. You'll most likely hit the voltage/stability wall first.
  3. A 5ghz overclock is alot
  4. I see many people hitting 4.8Ghz with inexpensive coolers like the Evo 212. Quite a few 4.9Ghz with things like h100i. Many of the 5Ghz I have seen involve de-lidding as that can gain you as much as 15-20C.

    I run my 7700k at 1.39 Ghz to reach 5.0 with a 4.5 Uncore, I see spikes up to 81C quite often. I will probably de-lid it soon. i5 should need a little less than that.
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    Here are your odds:
    As of 1/13/17
    What percent of samples can get an overclock
    at a vcore around 1.4v.
    5.1 28%
    5.0 52%
    4.9 72%
    They come from silicon lottery which bins chips and sells the better ones for a price premium.

    On a given chip, your upper oc limit will be the vcore you can tolerate, not the cooler.
    In a well ventilated case a cooler like a Noctua NH-U12s will do the job and keep temperatures reasonable.
    On your OC plan to use the AVX offset option to underclock when AVX instructions are present.

    Delidding should be done by an expert.
    It will reduce temperatures, but I would not bother.
    The processor is heat tolerant and will not shut down until about 100c. or so.
    Under normal use, you will be much less, I would expect perhaps 75c.
  6. Thanks for the answers everyone :)
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