pc suddenly running slow on games.

i have recently tried to play games on pc and now for no reason is running slow. its running normal out of games, but for some reason in game it runs so damn so and idk why. it should be able to run dark souls 1 no problem (it used to) and now its like a slide show. i tried darks souls 3 and it runs even worse. im geussing this is a gpu problem?

SPECS: intel core i5 4460
8gb of ram
nividia gtx 960 2gb
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    Could you try to do the following?

    1. Reinstall your graphic drivers. (Perform a CLEAN installation) >>
    2. Clean your PC. (Dust)
    3. Try to run Speccy ( ) when you're playing a videogame and see if anything is overheating.

    *Step 1 is a Windows 10 driver. If you are not using Windows 10 then I can find you the right driver according to your Operating System.
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