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I have a HP Pavilion dv7 laptop and my HDD is failing. I want to transfer everything over to a SSD and use that as the main HD with the HDD as a backup so I downloaded EaseUS Todo Free Backup 10.0 and cloned the disk using the prompts. I also did the sector by sector clone and optimize for SSD options. I then switched out the HDD for the SSD and tried to boot and it gave me an error message saying that windows failed to boot and it asked me to insert my windows installation disk (which I don't have). So I turned off my computer, switched the drives AGAIN and now I'm using my laptop with the failing HD as well as the new SSD connected via USB. I opened up Computer Management to see what was up and it says that the copy of the C drive doesn't have the Boot, Page File or Crash Dump files [here's the screenshot of that:]. If it cloned the drive wouldn't it transfer those files over? Do I just have to enable something on the drive or did something go wrong? I'm pulling my hair out over here!
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    It appears that it's simply a disk-cloning operation that's gone awry for one reason or another. It's not a particularly unusual event. A possible problem is your statement that "my HDD is failing". That's ominous and might have an adverse effect on the disk-cloning process. ("If you clone garbage, garbage is what you get".) In any event, assuming your boot drive currently boots & functions without problems we'll assume you should be able to create a viable clone.

    Since your source disk (640 GB HDD) appears unaffected there's no real harm involved to your system, so be thankful for that.

    You might want to try the Macrium Reflect Free program. Seems to be quite popular and generally considered an effective disk-cloning program.

    Another option would be the Casper program that we use quite often. While it's a commercial program costing $49.99, there's a Trial Edition that you might want to use. Here's a step-by-step guide that we prepared for members of a computer club...

    1. Download/install the Casper Trial Edition 10 (v10.0.6045) disk-cloning program from:

    2. Before undertaking the disk-cloning operation close all open programs. (Generally you need not disable your anti-virus program). I assume your SSD destination disk will be connected as a USB external drive for the disk-cloning operation

    3. The opening screen of the program will highlight "Create a Bootable Backup". Click on "Add drive" and a listing of the appropriate destination drive(s) will appear, e.g., your 512 GB (?) SSD.

    4. Click on the destination drive's listing and then the "Back up now" button.

    5. Casper will run in the background and alert you when the disk-cloning operation is completed. (You can view the actual progress chart by clicking on the Casper icon in the Notification Area on the Taskbar.)

    6. Following the (hopefully) successful disk-cloning operation you'll connect the SSD to the laptop and determine whether it boots & functions without any problems.
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