Acer Ultrabook remove SSD-HDD to SSD only

can i remove(dismount) SSD-HDD(20GB) in this ultrabook? after that can i change mechanical hard drive in there with my SSD 512GB 850 Pro and make it OS boot system?

my ultrabook is Acer Espire S3 - Core i3 Processor. 500GB HDD
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  1. Look up your laptop model number and find the manual that tells you where the screws and hard drive are.
    this person did a tutorial for opening an Acer Aspire S3 -
    keep in mind that DIY usually voids warranties

    if you are replacing the hard drive, make sure you have a method to reinstall the operating system in case you mess up.

    After you have your backup plan, find a "sata to USB" adapter or an external hard drive case to plug in the ssd while you load the OS.

    now find a ssd migration tool for your ssd brand. Install the driver for the ssd as well.
    Samsung's tools are here -

    After you've used the adapter to migrate the data to the ssd, you can swap the drives. You should be able to spot the hard drive as soon as you get the plastic bottom off.

    Put it back together and turn it on. It should go straight to your regular login screen. If it has any problems, then do a clean install and copy your files afterwards.
  2. im really sorry about specification im provided before.. this ultrabook got 20GB SSD..

    here the pic
  3. Are you trying to replace the ssd or the hdd?
  4. lxgoldsmith said:
    Are you trying to replace the ssd or the hdd?

    i dont want to replace the ssd, but i want to remove it.. i just want to use my ssd pro 512GB replace from hdd mechanical drive 2.5".. mean its only one storage in it.. the ssd 20GB and 500GB HDD i dont want both in it..

    will it work?
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    If the OS is installed on the msata ssd, then you could just put the new ssd in and clone the main drive. After you migrate the data, remove the msata ssd and boot to the new drive.
  6. Thank You so much.. really help.:bounce:
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