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Hi all,

I am looking for a audio mixer that can split audio from two inputs to separate speakers. For example in audio source from room 1 will only go to speakers in room 1 and room 2 audio will on only go to room 2 speakers but the audio can be combined if need be from one audio mixer. Is that possible?
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    Easy-peasy! I would, with all respect, steer away from Behringer mixers... I've had sour experience in the past and they're renowned for being the cheap-o, low quality brand in professional audio.

    Check out one of these:

    Yamaha MG10XU -
    Denon DN-312X -

    The top one is a desktop mixer, designed to be placed on a surface. The other can be put in a rack.
    I would choose the Yamaha of these two. It has a USB I/O as well as multiple outputs and a decent set of inputs should you ever need to use the system in more demanding circumstances.

    All the best
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