GTX 1050 Ti and Lenovo Bantry CRB Motherboard

Does anyone have a clue if these two components will fit? Also does it matter that the card is DDR5 and my CPU is DDR3?

I also have to get a new PSU. I currently have no clue whether or not this new PSU I bought will work.

The PSU is an EVGa 500W1 80+.

To sum up what I'm asking:

1)Is the graphic card and motherboard most likely going to work?

2) Does the DDR3/5 matter?

3)Does any PSU work into any PC as long as it fits?

Please help
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  2. There typically are four issues in GPU compatibility: Power draw and connection; mobo has the required slot; BIOS will allow the upgrade and; Card will fit in the case being usedThe 1050 Ti does not require any external power and the 500W should do, I am pretty sure that the mobo has a PCIe X 16 slot (link has a 750 Ti), the BIOS appears to allow external vendor card and I have no idea if it will fit in your case.
  3. No, it does not matter, the two processing systems work independently.
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