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Hello everyone ,i have a uniwill n251s6 mobo Gericom laptop ,with 07.00t AMI bios (non uefi) I want to unlock it's overclock features , and i attach the link of my bios files. http:// Can anyone help me in this?I really appreciate it and be thankful ,i can pay for it if necessary.Thanks forward to reply
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  1. For notebook overclocking unlocking bios is quite hard and risky, better try intel xtu.
  2. Thanks for the help ,but what is :intel xtu? thisi is an old p4 gericom laptop ,with intel 2.4ghz cpu
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    Intel xtu is short for intel extreme tuning utility, but you notebook is so old that i don't think it supports it, i couldn't nearly find info about it, but i think that you would be better with something new, this is so slow that any overclocking wouldn't help. All i could find is that your notebook should have this spec: pentium 4 2,8ghz, chipset SiS650, graphic ATI Mobility Radeon 9600,
    To find this needed really much digging and any cheap notebook with i3 and ssd will be 10x faster than this could be.
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