Is this HDD dying?

I bought this HDD less than 2 months ago, it's a WD blue 7200 64mb cache 1tb,

The first test I ran on the benchmark was HORRIBLE compared to the second and third tests but I didn't get a picture of it. When I am opening/closing sites in my browser(opera), the browser can become unresponsive/freeze for a second or two. I also sat the QUICK error scan and they were all OK ( I closed everything in the background)
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    I would run a smart status on the drive before saying it failing, because background processes (like telemetry) can clock your hdd request buffers and make it look like it is crapping out on you.

    also it could be the controller that is the issue and not the hard drive itself, lastly the cable could be at fault, could you change it and plug the drive into a different SATA port (assuming it is a single drive)
  2. One can also use HD Sentinal free version to gather lots of HD facts. I hope your data backups are recent, current, on your external media.
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