Corsair H110i GTX and Corsair Link disappointment

So I'm running an Asus Z97a board with a 4790K DC chip with the H110i GTX bolted up to it. I've had it both ways with no Corsair Link installed on a fresh format along with Corsair Link installed and it just seems like the fan speeds are all or nothing, almost. It'll run in quiet mode and be fine, or I can adjust it in custom mode and raise the fan speed up a bit and build a nice ramp in hopes that the hotter it gets, it'll just do enough to keep pace with the cooling. When it gets hot it seems like all I get is VSHHHHHMMMMMMMMM (I tried)... just max speed and max volume. I am not sure what the temps are supposed to be but it'll jump up to 75-80c pretty quick scrubbing video timelines in Premiere & After Effects, especially in Premiere with a bunch of adjustments on the footage. Sometimes it'll get it up 90C but that's only if I'm messing around trying to play an 8K video. -- I have taken it apart and re-done the Arctic Silver a couple times and I'm sure that part is fine.

1) Is it normal for this combo to go from quiet to full blast (80% seems to be full blast on it) without much ramping at all, even if the ramp is gradual?

2) Are the stock Corsair fans just junk?

3) Is Corsair Link the weak point?

4) I'd read something about just using the Asus Suite to run the fans? Is this an viable option? I still can't get that to install on my Windows 7, even after running CC Cleaner.

5) Having the pump speed on full blast doesn't really seem to help that much. Should it?

6) Any other ideas how I can keep this thing more quiet? The video editing / rendering seems to max the 4790 out pretty easily.

Thanks for any help with this! If not.. no worries!
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    1) The CPU can heat up very quickly under load. What you're seeing is not unusual.

    2) If you don't like noise, then yes they are. Replace with Noctua NF-A14 iPPC 3000 fans for best results.

    3) No. Corsair link is among the best system monitoring and control programs out there. The other big one that comes to mind is Speedfan.

    4) The Asus Suite is decent, but not any better than Link.

    5) The pump should always be on full blast, always. Always. If it's not, you can destroy it.

    6) Replace those fans. If you're not overclocking, the thermal paste is probably not properly applied. If it is overclocked, turn down the OC. Also, video editting will just as easily max out a Xeon E5-2687W V4. That's 12 cores at 3.0 GHz.
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