Should I update my bios

Ok so I've heard updating bios is risky but doesn't ASUS have like two bios just in case something goes wrong and I can use the ASUS EZ update to update it but there's a problem when I went to the update thing but there where two bios to update so I was confused
So I was wondering if I should update it and if I do and which one will I download
System specs
Samsung 960 evo and a 3TB Seagate barracuda
Windows 10 64bit (installed on the 960evo)

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    Only update for a known issue or a compatibility fix , if everything is running fine no need to.
  2. You only need the latest 0801. You dont have to flash every update to update to the latest BIOS

    Extract it after you download it. Then either put it on a flash drive or a folder on the hdd. Go to ez flash load the update wait for it to finish
  3. I always go by the rule "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". Only reason to update the bios is if it supports things or fixes thing you need.
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