I'm having a problem with the CPU power connector. Please help!

I am building a new system for my sister, and I cheaped out on the mobo. I got the ASRock 98ODE3, and it has a CPU connector that looks like this:
My problem is that the PSU power connector also have 8 pins, just different ones, here is the power connector cable :
Also, when I tried to boot, I saw a flash of light from the fans with LEDs, but then it went dark, is this because of the CPU? Thank you!
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    Ignore the shapes it can only be pushed in one way ....cable clip over socket latch.

    If this is how you put it in , it's correct , you may have other issues.
  2. So the mobo has standard 8-pin connector. The PSU plug is not typical, but some of them have that kind. It should fit and work. And you cannot boot successfully without connecting it.
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