Need Advice about new main HDD for PC

Hey All,
I Want to get new main Internal PC HDD as im running now WD 4TB Green as my only HDD which i know now its a terrible idea.
So I would like to get a HDD that can run long times 18 hours+ and run windows 8.1/10 + linux
with good performance.
For Price i want Affordable one
Note: my previous main was seagate barracuda 2TB and it just melt down in just 1 year,
So i kinda scared of seagate HDD ever since :D
Thanks in advance
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    If you're going with a HDD instead of an SSD for your main drive, look for something in the 64MB cache area at 7200 RPM. I'd recommend an HGST Ultrastar, very good performance, 5yr warranty and fairly affordable for the capacity they offer. Western Digital Blacks are a good lineup tho I personally think they're over priced for their performance to capacity, but they also offer a 5 year warranty. A step down from that in performance and in warranty look at the Western Digital Blue or Seagate Barracuda. Both offer similar performance and pricing and warranty. I know you're wary of Seagate, but as someone who's had every manufacture of drives die on him at one point or another, that's just how it is with drives at one point or another.
  2. Thanks azaran for your fast replay, I ll check out what option i have in markets with these specs
  3. You are adding a 2nd HD, an external HD, for routine backups, correct? Or, do you plan on using one of the existing HDs in an external enclosure?
  4. it meltdown? I never seen a HDD meltdown I have a Seagate 5tb for 4 years now still works great I bought another one and copied all the files on it just in case I dropp it someday or it breaks
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