Seagate 2TB external drive very slow

Hi, I really need help and advice as to how to "fix" my external drive. Ive had it for over 2 years now, its at about half capacity, and suddenly it is very slow in accessing and transferring data.

Main disk is ok, Win 7 32bit. Running fine.

Tried changing the cable (USB 3.0), but no luck.

I just ran HD Tune, and got Airflow Temp failure, with a few warnings.

Really desperate to recover the data, and transfer it to a new drive.


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  1. are u able to try new cables?

    remember it is a disk drive so maybe the motor is wearing out or the barrings? (lets hope not)

    are u able to take the drive out of the case and plugging it directly in to the computer from the motherboard?
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