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Hey guys i have been water cooling my cpu for some time now like a year or so don't worry i do replace the water am using radiator coolant. but i just thought of something is it best for the water to travel, from the pump to the cpu block then the radiator or..from the pump to the radiator then the block
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  1. Yes, that's OK but where is your reservoir ?
  2. the pump has a reservoir already so its like two in one
  3. I would imagine pump then block then rad would be the most ideal way to order it, as the radiators job is to help cool the liquid.
  4. No, pump should be next to hottest place (in case of multiple cooling points).
  5. you do have a point this is exactly what i thought off that why i brought that question up
  6. am just cooling the cpu only this pump looks to weak to do multiple cooling
  7. ON my Instagram page this is what it looks like except i bought a new radiator and change the fan to push instead of pull
  8. Looks like you are all set as it is.
  9. I did actually mean to say pump>block>rad but I put them in the wrong order. Push or pull seems to have no significant effect other than sound, so if it is much louder than going back to pull may be more ideal.
  10. i don't hear the fan at all its very quite idle temps is 32 C /36 C on hot days max temps playing gta v is 44 C or sometimes 42 i never got 50 on this custom loop. i believe since i bought a thicker radiator the temps went down
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    there is no practical difference between different components order in the loop.
    The coolant moves so fast through the loop, that the temperature difference between hottest and coldest points in the loop is usually under 1C.
    From the picture, your loop is perfectly fine :)
  12. thank you i thought i did it wrong
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