Computer screen goes off and sometimes it won't come back on after a couple hours. Sleep mode is off

So I have my computer in high performance mode (in the energy savings) and the monitor is set to turn off in 30 minutes. Sometimes when I leave for a hour or two it doesn't come back when I move the mouse and keyboard. I've tried updating the graphics drivers, the intel management software, etc... Does nothing. I did test it several times by setting the monitor turn off time to 1 minute and I don't have the issue when I try after a couple minutes, it seems like its only after a couple hours or so. It doesn't matter what program is in the front. I'm running Windows 7 with all the updates installed. I did a dell diagnostics test and everything is ok. Ram, SSD, etc... is all ok. Not sure if it matters, but the SSD is set to never turn off in the power settings.
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    This happens to me occasionally. I don't guarantee this will work for you, but it works for me every time. Hit CTRL-ALT-DEL. This forces the video on and should bring up the window for lock computer, logoff, shutdown,... Select "cancel" and the video should remain on.
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