Screen turns black when booting an Ubuntu flash drive; is it a UEFI, video, or other problem? Possible solution(s)?

I am still having an issue as described in EDIT2, but this no longer has to do with motherboards so this thread can be moved or locked.

I was able to able to boot the USB with the "nomodeset" command/parameter and somehow booted into the OS but it was very slow. I updated my NVIDIA drivers and it was no longer slow.

It is just a problem with my video card I guess. I have a GTX 970 and apparently it's too new or caused problems in Ubuntu. I could have connected my monitor to the motherboard with a VGA cable but I don't have one currently.

I found out by reading further into this post:

"2. Black/purple screen when you try to boot the LiveCD

The Ubuntu installer's startup portion is sometimes incompatible with certain graphics cards. Fixing it and getting to the Ubuntu Desktop to try or install it can often be surprisingly easy fix: the nomodeset parameter. To see if it works for you:"

That part pretty much gave it away.

EDIT2: Though installing the NVIDIA graphics drivers made the system run at a normal (not laggy) speed, after rebooting I now cannot load back into the OS. I get stuck on the Ubuntu loading screen, all 5 dots are turn orange and it freezes there. I installed the NVIDIA drivers using the driver number in the terminal. I don't understand how this is the most used desktop Linux distribution when it has a ton of issues simply because I'm using a gaming video card. Not saying that any other distribution is better for gaming, but there are far too many problems to consider it a good distro for gaming.
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  1. Have you tried using a usb 2.0 port, on the back of the motherboard?
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    This solution was simply to get by the boot process by using the "nomodeset" launch command; then after installing the OS (Ubuntu) and logging in, open "System Settings", go to graphics settings, and choose the NVIDIA official drivers instead of the repository drivers.
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