My GPU doesn't work on my new mobo

I'm pretty new to this so bare with me. I got some old parts from a friend of a friend for cheap: 8gb of ram, GTX 770, and a processor I dont have the name of right now. To use the processor I needed to get a new motherboard. So the other day my H97 Pro4 arrives in the mail and I put it into my pc. It was hard to put into the case, which meant there were few screws holding it on and the graphics card was then hard to screw into the case. So not a good start but when we turn on the pc it works with the hdmi pkugged itno the graphics card (I thought it was anyway). When we turn the case upright again it won't work. The usb devices all have their lights on as if it was working but no display. Later i plug the hdmi nto the mothreboard and it works. The graphcis card does not exist according to bios. So I take it out and in a few times, unisntall all display drivers, nothing, can't even fnid it in device manager as an unknown device or sometihng unless it was called something else. The fans spin on the card but thats it. That was bout a week ago, but today I took the graphics card to my friends place and it worked!
So after a convoluted story, here's my question: does this mean the slot for the graphics card (pci?) is broken, or could there be another possibility? I might be able to sort out testing another graphics card but I'm not sure. I think I could get a new motherboard under warranty, but I need to make sure what the problem is first. What do you think?
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    The best way to find out if the problem lies in PCIE slot is to try another GPU.

    However, it is not actually impossible to find out that other GPU will work while that 770 will not, even though you already confirmed that it is in workable condition.
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