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On the image above is my current set-up for my intake and exhaust. The blue boxes represent radiators (CPU running 240mm exhaust on top, two GPUs are running 120mm on exhaust. They are hybrid GPUs.) The red line represents the PSU just in case. I was wondering if this is an optimal airflow for my case (Corsair 760t). Thanks for any input/help.
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  1. Looks like you need more intake airflow. Not necessarily a fan. Could be just a vent.
  2. The front radiator should be an intake instead of exhaust to improve overall airflow.
  3. Front radiator should be intake, and you could also add intake from bottom.

    Airflow should intake at front/bottom and rise to exhaust at top back
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    As stated above, the front radiator should be an intake. The fact that it's a GPU radiator is not good. If possible, run the CPU cooler as a front intake, as it's TDP is lower than most GPUs. That will minimize the amount of heat entering the case. If you do that, and dimensions allow, run both GPUs as top exhausts. That way they can get a small boost from convective forces.

    The bottom fan should be an intake. If used as an exhaust, it will fight convection, and make unnecessary noise. If used as an intake with the CPU cooler on the front, it will be the only fresh air intake, and so it should run faster than other fans by default.

    Finally, those hybrid coolers are pretty bad at cooling the VRMs on GPUs. You can probably get better results from a standard air cooler if you're running dual GPUs.
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