Screen goes black when i stress the GPU (Inno3D gtx780)

Hey i bought an Inno3D iChill GeForce GTX 780 3GB HerculeZ X3 Ultra to put in my Dell t3500 workstation. And it works just fine until i fire up overwatch or passmark or any other application that stresses the GPU.

I checked the temps, it stays under 60 degrees at all times.
I switched my PSU to a 700 watt PSU to rule out a shortage of power.
I updated my driver, no change.

At first i thought the cpu was overheating, but it stays under 55, so that's not the case either.

I used to have a gtx 780 from ASUS in my Dell t3500 which worked very well, no issues whatsoever, but i sold that a few months ago because i was short on cash :P So now im trying to rebuild and the guy gave me a good price on a peer reviewed website (he had 1000+ satisfied customers) so i doubt that the seller screwed me over. I must be missing something here.

Kind regards,
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  1. could be the GPU or could be something do with the motherboard it you're still using the original one. upgrading anything on band name PC's is always hit or miss
  2. the strange thing is that the ASUS gtx worked like a charm and this one works fine until i stress it, it really seems like an issue with the card itself, i couldn't find a bios update for it sadly :/

    edit: the gpu fails (black screen, gpu fans on max ) whenever i stop stressing it, so i get a black screen when my benchmark finishes it's first 3d test and i get a black screen whenever i finish my round of overwatch and i get a blacks screen when i close down fallout 4 or civ vi.

    Very strange problem but at least now its specific enough to try and find an answer.
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