PC to Android Streaming with good wireless connection?

Okay, so I have a minor problem.

I finally managed to get PC streaming to my Android device, It has a controller and everything, so it's all set for me to play anywhere inside my house.

Only one problem: It tends to have a lot of lag.

I'm trying to stream it from my PC to my Android device, and I can't see it using the internet to stream if they're both supposed to be directly connected, but it's likely this is what's happening. Thing is, my computer is hard wired to my Router, so I'm guessing my Android device is connecting through my router to reach my PC, and thus it's possible the connection is being limited that way.

Is there any way to increase the speed by wirelessly connecting my Android device to my PC without involving my dang router? Like... maybe using a wireless USB device and using software to turn my PC into a "Hotspot", so to speak?
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    WiFi is WiFi.
    Whether it comes from the router, or if it comes from the'll probably see little if any difference at the Android.

    And the router WiFi is almost certainly better than what you might be able to produce from the PC.
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