best cpu for 4k bluray playback?

my current rig:-

motherboard: asus z97 maximius ranger iiv
cpu:- i5 4690k @ stock
memory:- corsair 16gb 2 x 8gb lp ddr3 ram
gpu:- msi gtx 980ti
psu:- xfx core edition 850watt psu
soundcard:- sound blaster zx
cryorig cpu cooler universal
monitor:- asus pb287 q 4k monitor
rocatt isku keyboard and roccatt kone xtd mouse

i want to playback 4k blurays when a 4k player comes out for pc i was thinking of pioneers new one, i understand i will need a better cpu for 4k bluray playback! what do you suggest as i want to maybe upgrade to new a new z170 platform with ddr4 ram and usb 3.0 c
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