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So soon im going to get a 1080ti. But what i want to know is should i get a 1440p monitor ar a 4k monitor. Im just going to game and thats about it.
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  1. 4k, although you could get a 1440p 165Hz monitor, you can get them for about £500
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  2. It depends on how regularly you upgrade the hardware. If you upgrade it in every 2Yrs then go for 4K. But if you upgrade the hardware in 3-5Yrs then go for 1440p as by that time games will become unplayable at 4K with GTX1080Ti.
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  3. What type of games do you play? Fast moving games will be much better on 1440p high Hz monitor.
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  4. Im going to upgrade every time a new generation of nvidia graphic cards come out. I play games like Gta v, fallout 4 and skyrim.
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  5. Then go for 4K.
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  6. what kind of a budget are you on?
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