how do i get my DVD to play

my DVD won't play a certain DVD,the trailers play just fine but the movie won't and shut down,what is the problem and how do I fix it
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  1. What dvd and where did you bought it? can't return it?
  2. Please insert your disk in dvd player and check.
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    You could check to see if there are any firmware updates for your DVD player. These allow for newer discs to play correctly.
    If the disc is from a different region than your DVD it might not play it.
  4. Maybe your player cannot read the DVD, so you can upgrade your player to the latest version. If the player still won't play the DVD, you can replace this DVD with another one at the store. BTW, if the DVD has copy protection, just like americanaudiophile said if the disc's region code is not match with your DVD player, the DVD can't be played on your player.
  5. The Movie is "The Shack", & it plays fine on our old Sanyo TV ....the kind that has the big thingy that touches the wall. We have an old DVD/VHS...Emerson & the Shack plays fine on it??? Help
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