Mic Is very quiet

So. I have the HyperX Cloud II headset.
The microphone is extremely quiet and people complain how it's quiet when playing video games. I have to basically put my microphone between my lips for it to sound decent.

I've seen multiple threads on the internet complaining about this. And multiple ways to "fix" the issue. but nothing seems to be working. For examples, I've updated the firmware just as the instructions on the hyperX site told to. I've tried using USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. I've even sent a support ticket at HyperX and they sent me a new soundcard for this. Oh yes, The soundcard. The headset has it's own USB soundcard on it so you cannot just go into windows and up to volume so it's good. I've already clicked the volume up button on the soundcard or USB dongle as some say a thousand times with no profit.

Re-installing sound drivers doesn't work as once again. It has it's own independent soundcard. If there's no proper fix to this I might have to get an external software to boost the gain.

And no, It's not just that I have my settings in-game set low. But people complain in teamspeak, discord, Garry's mod, CSGO.

But one thing is for sure that I'm not buying any of the shit off of HyperX ever again.
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