PC heats up fast

So when i play games my cpu goes to 80C in like 2-5min.
CPU: AMD fx 8320 4.1Ghz(OC'd). PSU: Corsair VS650, 80 PLUS White. GPU:
Nvidia GTX 570. MOTB: 990xa-ud3. RAM: 16Gb 2133Mhz. Cooler: Arctic Cooling
Freezer A11.
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  1. What is your build, and do you overclock?

    Also, what temperature are you looking at: tin/package or core temp?
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  2. Thought there should read my specs my bad! ANd i'm looking at cpu temperature
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  3. What software are you using to check the CPU temps? Some software will incorrectly present temperatures for AMD CPUs.

    Also, what is your CPU voltage?
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