Can a H110 motherboard support 7th Gen processor??


I'm planning to buy a Gigabyte H110 motherboard (with bios update) and a Intel Pentium G4560 processor.

I want to know if this Mobo will completely support 7th Gen processor or will it lose some benefits of the CPU.
And I know about the bios update.

Thank you:)
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    If it is already updated to the newest BIOS with the Kaby Lake (7th gen) support then yes it will work just fine. I the only possible benefit you would be losing by using a Skylake (6th gen) motherboard would be support for Intel's upcoming Optane memory drives, however this would be pretty irrelevant you you most likely as it won't be available to consumers or affordable for that matter for a while yet. Hope this helps :)
  2. The problem is that you would not be able to tell if the BIOS has been updated until you buy the mobo.

    If it's not updated, then you would need to borrow a skylake CPU to update it.

    Go with a 200 series mobo to avoid any issues.
  3. Hi, I heard that you dont need to plug in 6th gen(skylake)cpu to update bios for 7th gen support, there were claims that they were amazed that the bios updated itself (a H110m mobo) when intel pentium 4560 was plugged in. Now, my question would be, will the new bios of H110m still support built in gpu of kabylake? thanks!
  4. Orobby9,
    I think it will support integrated graphics of kaby lake. I've seen many people with the updated bios that support integrated graphics. But unfortunately it won't support any windows lower that windows 10
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