Intel pentium G4560 with MSI B250M Pro VDH

I am building a new budget pc and was wanting to know if the MSI B250M Pro-VDH was compatible with the intel pentium G4560 because the motherboard has more ram slots than the cpu supports.
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    Yes it is compatible and no the Pentium G4560 can support 4 RAM slots... i assume you are confused with the term Dual Channel Memory. Dual Channel Memory does not mean only 2 RAM DIMMS, it means the memory controller can only run dual channel mode but that actually means it can run 4 slots. For example the X99 i7's can run Quad Channel and they have Motherboards with 8 RAM slots if you look up X99 Extreme boards. Hope this helps :)
    Question from James_G : "Intel pentium G4560 and MSI B250m Pro-VDH"

    James_G said:
    I am building a budget pc and wanted to know if the intel pentium G4560 is compatible with the MSI B250m pro-VDH

    It is,
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