Windows memory diagnostic finds no errors, but memtest86 does, is it bad RAM then?

Hi, 10 days ago i had my new PC assembled, when i brought it home and started it i got BSOD(With memory management explanation) 2 times at random( in the first 2 hours of the PC running) then it all seemed to work ok, and i forgot about it. In the next days the performance slowly diminished, causing fps drops on not so heavy games like World of tanks,sound glitches and overall slower running PC. I noticed that when i restart, the computer seems refreshed and running faster. I also got BS several more times, sometimes when i start the PC it did not recognize my keyboard and mouse(it was fine after a restart).
I went on the internet to see why the PC was behaving so strangely, i believed it to be some software problem, but the symptoms seemed to correspond with bad RAM, so i did a WMD check(i run Windows 10 pro 64bit) and it did not find any errors i did it again the next day and when it started my computer after the check was done my graphics driver was gone and i had to reinstall it, that second test again found no problems.
That made me download Memtest86( version 4.3.7 just in case) i put it on a flash drive and in the first like 30 seconds of the test running it started finding memory errors, when i stopped it after 1 pass and a half it had found 595 errors.
So why does Windows memory diagnostic fail to find the errors that memtest does, does this mean it is sure to be bad RAM stick or there can be other explanation so i don't have to bother returning the PC for repairs only to find out it was some software bug.
My RAM is a single 8Gb stick(1333Mhz DDR3)
Rest of PC specs are:
AMD a4-4000 apu 3Ghz
AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series
1Tb hard drive
Windows 10 pro 64bit
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    any errors on memtest are too many, the perfect score is 0 so 595 is way over. I would rma the stick and get a new one

    not sure you need to send it in for repairs just for replacing a ram stick but that is your choice.
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