Will Gigabyte h110m s2 support 7th gen cpu out of the box Of I buy one today?

Hi will Gigabyte h110m s2 support 7th gen cpu out of the box I had bought on 11th March 2017? Or I have to update the bios? But I don't want to buy a Skylake just to update bios. Are there any other ways to make the 7th gen cpu work.??? Please help
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  1. Hi, Do you have the board, or not yet?
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  2. Not yet but will be receiving should I cancel it? I already have a Intel g4560
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  3. Yes, I suggest cancelling the order and looking for a H270 board.
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    All Intel B250/H270/Z270 will work straight out of the box.

    All Intel H110/B150/H170/Z170 will need Bios update to work, but if you are lucky enought and your motherboard was manufactured recently, maybe it will come with the bios updated.

    I suggest go for an B250/H270/Z270 if you don´t mind the extra $.
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  5. Xkamerz, thanks for the straight-forward answer, I own b250m ds3h motherboard(gigabyte) and yup it worked with my 7th gen g4560 without bios update, I was looking for budget mobo and its totally value for money with awesome features.
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