New Graphic card fans won't spin pc shuts down

I am very new the the pc world I bought a pre built and it had a Radeon r7 250 1gb graphics card in it I could game on it but wanted to upgrade I bought the gtx 1050 2gb "not the TI" I plugged in new graphics card noticed fans did not come on but under device management it reads it's in my system after so long maybe couple mins my pc restarts with fans still off I get the bios screen then black screen and stays in black screen till I unplug and re turn on does anyone know my problem if u ask me a question about my system I can't tell u much in less u tell me how to find out the info very new to this. In between it shutting off and I turn it back on it was able to download the drivers so I do have the drivers also I do have the psu to run this card is have a 600w when it does come on in get a prompt that power supply surges detected during the previous power on Asus anti surge was triggered to protect you're system from unstable power supply unit need help
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  1. do you have the 6 pin connected to the video card ?
  2. ]The gigabyte gtx 1050 2gb "not ti" does not take a 6 pin or 8 pin at all surprised
  3. your saying your 1050 does not have this connector on it ?

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    There's a program called Speccy, it's small and free to download, that will tell you all sorts of details about your computer. I suggest you run that. Knowing your CPU, motherboard, and videocard make and model will be a good start.
  5. if you can't last for longer than a few minutes try booting with your on board graphics and then download all your drivers
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