Asus STRIX 270F or ASUS Z170 RANGER VIII for i7 6700k and G.skill Trident Z 3200MHZ C16 8*2?

Hi, I recently sold my i7 4790k and z97 pro wifi ac. Ripjaws x 2400 c11 8*2

Getting i7 6700k as many said not much diff in 7700k and above. And G.skill 3200 trident Z c16 ram.

I have MSI ARMOR OC 1080 and

RM750 psu

Samsung 256 gb 830 ssd

And 2 tb Seagate 7200.

So , shall I get last year's sub-premium ASUS Z170 RANGER VIII or latest n greatest ASUS Z270F mid range board?

My uses will be gaming and video editing, photo shop & illustrator.
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  1. Asus STRIX 270F
  2. i have the H270f version of that board paired with a i7 7700 an itys pretty good. it all depends on if the Z270f mobo gives you more features you want vs the older Z170
  3. Thanks for the suggestions. Any particular reason for the z270f apart from being latest and having support for OPTANE? Will z170 ranger viii perform worse?
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