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Hi There,

12 months ago I bought a PC Specialist laptop - it has both Intel HD 4600 and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M graphics. Recently I've noticed stuttering on both video playback and some games.

In the case of the video playback, the stuttering occurs periodically. A frame will display for slightly longer than it should, and then the video jumps to the latest frame. There is SSD activity when this occurs. Netflix was stuttering when running in Chrome, but changing over to the Windows version of the app seems to resolve this issue. Kodi continues to stutter.

I'm playing FEAR at the moment - this is an older game and shouldn't trouble the NVIDIA. At the start of levels, sometimes the video grinds to a halt and judders a lot before resuming.

I have run GPUTemp while using KODI - without playing the video the temperature is 45 degrees, and during playback the temperature dips to 35 and comes back up.

In addition to resolving this issue, I'd like to learn more about performing diagnostics in cases like these. What are the best places to look to monitor system performance - and see information/error messages which may indicate the issue?

Thanks in advance
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    I really doubt its a hardware problem.

    Check in Task manager and see what is consuming resources (CPU/RAM/DISK) when this occurs, might be some other process.
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