Toshiba Sattelite P50t-A chkdsk Stuck on 10%

tldr: Tried to run Macrium Reflect to make an image of the drive on a portable drive for a new laptop, failed, tried to run chkdsk, it asked to run on next reboot, did so, went to 10% quickly, and hasn't moved in a long tine. Taking drive out of old laptop isn't an issue, just can't have any corrupted documents etc.

So my new laptop arrived in the mail today (Razer Blade Stealth), and I need to get all of my stuff off of my other laptop (the Toshiba) and into the Blade Stealth. I set the save location on a portable drive with 2 partitions; Windows 10 Installation and just a storage one. I used the storage one (~1TB in size). I tried to use Macrium Reflect, which would error out when selecting every partition. I selected only the partition with my data on it (No windows, no recovery etc) and it errored out for some sort of disk read error. I googled a bit, saw that it was likely a corrupted part of the drive, and tried to run chkdsk. Chkdsk didn't want to run (can't remember what it said, something like it couldn't access the drive because Windows was using it i think) and offered to check it on the next restart. I did so, and restarted. It went up to 10% quite quickly (only munites), then got stuck on 10%. It has been for about 2 hours (?), and hasn't budged. If anyone can recommend me a solution (I can take the drive out, I can turn off the chkdsk and just run reflect) then that would be appreciated!

Note: It was running on High Performance when I restarted mode and it's plugged in and on (full) charge now.

files. Any other ways to get everything onto other laptop appreciated.
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  1. Sounds like the drive you're trying to get data off is faulty/failing.

    If it is you need the services of professional data recovery - - - eye-wateringly expensive!

    You can test it's health by connecting it to a Windows PC & using SeaTools for Windows:
  2. So it turns out that it just took ages. I ran it twice (both did 10% for ages then went up to ~90% and finished), but the drive was still not fixed. I set Reflect to ignore those bad blocks and I have a backup. Now I need to figure out how to get it on the new laptop as the partition size is ~1TB but the laptop only has ~500GB. I would appreciate this thread being closed as this is no longer an issue.
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