Corsair H110i GTX Rattling Sound

Just for starting 15 mints my CPU cooler rattles like never before. And all this started 15 days back, my rig is just 5 months old around 6800k core i7.

Please take a look at the reference video and tell me if it normal or not or do I need to request RMA to corsair.
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  1. I would RMA
  2. Thanks for the answer, could please tell me what I should do keep my CPU safe till the new one comes? I am ready to put off my pc for 15 days till the replacement comes. But how do protect my CPU in absence of cooler ? Would be great to know.
  3. should put the cpu back into the cover it came in and with the cpu fan back into the box...
    if you don't have any of that.. well how did you get the cpu in the first place ?
  4. I have the cover for both CPU and cooler, but the X99 A2 board had plastic cover for CPU 6800k, do I need to completely uninstall it from the board iteself. Because, when installed the CPU on the board, there was a mention on plastic CPU cover that this cover should remain around the CPU after installation. What should I do next ?

    What if I uninstall the cooler and leave the CPU as it is and when replacements comes to me, I'll clean the cpu and will install the cooler. Would that be ok ?
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    leaving the cpu on the board is a very safe way to storing it until you get next board.
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