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I've been out of the PC hardware scene for a little while and I'm looking to finally make a generation upgrade from my 780 to a 1070. I just wanted to ask, is there much of a performance difference between the cheapest and most expensive of the 1070 lineup? Or am i essentially paying for more potential overclocking headroom and features?

Also, would I run into any performance issues with a i5 4590, or should I still see a significant enough performance upgrade from my 780?
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    I too run a 780 and am looking to upgrade here shortly. As far as the difference between 1070s, prolly 5fps or so. I really like EVGA cards when I run Nvidia. The difference between models is clocks mostly, but some have custom boards. The really expensive ones are not worth the dough if you ask me. You can always clock yours to meet most of the boards on the market anyway. I don't think you will run into issues with your i5 either.
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