How do I wipe my Pc and do I have to buy another copy of Windows after?

Hello fellow "computerers"!
I was wondering how I could fully empty my PC, and if I had to buy another copy of Windows after.
I have a 1TB seagate HDD with Windows 7 Home Premium installed. I can answer any of your questions.
Thanks for the help! Greatly appreciated.
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  1. Windows should be activated automatically after reinstalling, because it will recognise your motherboard.
    If it doesn't for any reason just call up Microsoft and they will activate it for you, no risk.

    Also, I am not a computerer,
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    To answer your question, yes you can delete all of your data. And no, you do not have to buy another copy. As long as you have the Windows license key then you're fine. Just insert your installation disc and boot from it in the BIOS. The wizard will allow you to delete the contents of the hardrive you are installing Windows to.
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