Is it worth overclocking the intel i5 6600k

i would love to over clock my Intel i5 6600k. the only problem is i dont have a good chip set for the PC im currently building. i am on a budget because this is my first build. the only propblem is my chip set is a b150 because im on a budget is it worth getting a more expensive chip set to overclock my i5 6600k with a msi gtx 1060
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  1. You can never be too safe when it comes to overclocking, just make sure you have decent thermal paste and good temps and make sure there is a fresh amount of air entering your case otherwise things will become extremely hot and risk damaging both your motherboard and CPU
  2. is it worth? yes, it was designed to be overclocked

    is it a good idea to overclock a cpu? depends on the rest of your specs, mainboard, heatsink/cooler, psu

    the mainboard you mention is not ideal for overclocking, so i would say that get a faster cpu non k version and see how it works for you
  3. You can't really OC with a b150 (well not entirely true but it's much much more complicated)
    Does it matter much. Probably not. The 6600k is a very fast CPU, OC-gains won't be really necessary for now (unless you're running a monitor with a very high refresh rate)
  4. On a budget and getting a K series chip don't usually mix.

    I would suggest either getting the Z170 board, or switching to B250 and getting a locked i5-7500.

    You get a cpu cooler too.
  5. Worth is something only YOU can determine.

    You buy a K so you can overclock.
    The stock I5-6600K runs at 3.5.
    Most chips will run north of 4.5, some 25% faster.
    Yes, you will need a Z170 or Z270 based motherboard.

    As of 12/04/2016
    What percent can get an overclock at a somewhat sane 1.40v Vcore.

    4.9 14%
    4.8 38%
    4.7 67%
    4.6 87%
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    I'd find it hard to justify buying a new motherboard for a 10-20% overclock, could save that money for a future upgrade of a new motherboard & cpu.

    Also overclocking will only help if you are currently being held back by your CPU, if your CPU is not holding you back then an overclock won't bring any material benefit.

    Also what cooler and make and model PSU do you have? These are also very important when overclocking.

    Will you be gaming at 60Hz or 144Hz? If only 60Hz any overclock is fairly pointless, a 6600k at stock can run 60fps in all games from the reviews I have seen.
  7. well, save 20% for a future mainboard? not much of us do that, but a cpu, possibly

    yes, overcloking is only ideal if your mainboard already can do it, not when you have to pay alot to get small extra that sometimes represents very little on most apps and games
  8. yeah but is my chipset good for overclocking i have a b150 chipset
  9. no, that mainboard is not for overclocking, most options are not even listed on bios, you need a newer more capable model to do just that
  10. Nothing to do with the age. B150 is pretty new.

    But a b150 has 2 big roadblocks for OC:
    It's a chipset that hasn't been designed to OC unlike the Z170
    Due to the chipset not OCing, the design of the board is not made for that task - small vrms, little power phases, weaker caps
  11. i have the nzxt kraken x61
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