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Does anyone have this PSU? How much of a difference does the new fan make in terms of noise? Many found the G2 to be quite noisy.

I am looking at this and the Corsair RM750X for a new build. The EVGA is built on a better platform but the Corsair is very quiet even under heavy load.
If they managed to bring down to noise it would be an easy pick.

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  1. i would suggest corsair as it is the one i would have chose
  2. I have the 850 GS3. Not exact, but similar to the model you are asking about. Though some have suggested the fan profile for the 850 and upwards is a bit more aggressive than the lower wattage models.

    When the fan turns on (if you have ECO mode on), it is quite noticeable. I am testing it with ECO turned off so that the fan is continuously blowing and probably maintaining a lower temperature, instead of suddenly blasting the fan to catch up when on ECO mode. I'll update as I observe more, since this is the first day I've got it on ECO OFF only.

    If I had read the very recent G3 850w review on this site before my purchase, I probably would have gone for the Corsair RM750x or 850x, purely for the noise profile.
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    Dunno if it applies, but my 550w G2 is dead silent but I don't use the eco fan for that reason, a constant flow even at low rpm, is preferable to sudden high speed bursts. The eco setting would be best applied to pc's running totally silent for audio applications like mixing/recording etc.
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