Where to put exhaust and intake on pc

I dont really now what model my pc is but it has 2 slots on top 2 in front and 1 in the back i would like to know where to put the exhausts and the intake
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  1. Hello... typically you would intake at the front and exhaust in the back B /
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    ^ Yep. Front and and side should be intake while top and rear should be exhaust. Any fans inside the case should go with the flow of air.
  3. You are referring to the case fans. Well i used one in front of my case and one in the back. If you have a fan speed control you could even control both fans to balance the cooling.

    The front is mainly used to cool the HDD if the bays are in the front. If you had two or more HDD in your system I would use two fan in front and one in the back. Look at the motherboard to get an idea of the computer brand use a flashlight it helps to see the print on the motherboard.
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