All my Games Stutter and have sound loop for a few seconds every few seconds, ive tried everything!!!!!

hiya, first thread here =]

CPU - intel core 2 due E8500 .3.16Ghz
MB - Asus P5k - Premium Wifi/Apk
Ram - 4GB corsair Xms 2 800mhz ( 2x2gb stiks)
HDD - maxator Diamondmax 10 200gb hdd
GPU - amd radeon HD 6870
PSU -Seasonic ss600-HT 600watts
OS - Windows 7 SP1 64bit

so basically, i have installed windows, done all updates, installed full macafee as it comes with BT internet free, downloaded all drivers, updated bios recently (as ive just commandeered this comp from my mum, first one i built years ago), set ram timing and voltage, and installed origin, and downloaded BF4, and Dragon Age inquisition....

the pc plays okay, it works fine, a bit sloww sometimes even after a fresh install (confuses me), and all of a sudden its started "stuttering" during games, it will freeze, and sound loop for the duration of the freeze, some times i can move my mouse during this, but not click on anything, of bf i can look around, but not move, some times it jus sticks for a moment or two....

its become progressively worse, like from one every 5 mins, to once evry 10 secs for atleast 2-3 seconds, and then all of sudden nothing bad for 1-2 mins....

so far i have......

reset bios to defult, removing my overclock back down from 3.8 ghz, with 400 fsb (runs my cpu temp at 50 degress with an arctic cooler after market cpu heatsink) 1:1 ratio with ram, to standard auto settings all round and set to defult ram timings = NO CHANGE

re installed game = no change

downloaded MEMtest and run through bios with NO errors, swapped memory channels = no change

swapped my radeon HD 6870 with my dads, ( he has the same card) and tested his on mine an mine on his, i have same problem still and my dads comp runs superbly still with either GPU) = no change

and also done a command promt "scndsk /f /r " and let that run through..... = no change

checked my event viewer for bad logs, one was for a DCOM error, not sure what this is, and one was for a timeout issue that i fixed by going to into regedit and creating a file for 60000 timeout thing. = no change

nothing has worked

also, amd have stopped releasing drivers for this card, its on a legacy things now, downloading Catalst controll centre and it says UP to date.... i would think maybe a driver issue but with my dad having same card, he can run BF4 and BF Hardline on full specs with CCC on manual upped fan speed coupled with his watercooling CPU etc with no problems

also to mention, im running games on minimum settings as possible, AA/Vsync etc all off, all setting on low, and its same problems if i have the games on medium settings, just only difference is they look nicer while the comp cracks out haha

anyone have any ideas or simmilar problems, only thing i can think is the HDD is on its way out?

thanks in advance for reading this essay and helping =]
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  1. okay, since doing this post, ive worked out my problem....

    after trying all of them steps i realised i hadnt tried BF4, i tried it and it seem to run AWFUL lot better, im not on medium/high specs on 64 player maps with 50-70 fps.... somethings done the trick...

    but DA inquisition still doesnt run propperly..... i have found topics online about it being a bad compatibillity with amd cards, and on top of that, my dual core doesnt support hyper threading, so its only got 2 threads, not the four i thought it did, so there lies my problem.... i think.... =]

    ill try some other games and see wheather ive managed to stabalise my comp....

    and just for anyone interested....

    my overclock is and Intel Core 2 Duo E8500, 3.1 GHz, running a Arctic Cooler 7 Pro, 1 rev..... i have my fsb at 400 on 9.5x multi core, and its running at 3.8Ghz, ive set my ram timings and freq, so im at 1:1, 2.1v, and its running fine.... my CPU is running idle 37/41, and at 100% load its running 49/50
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