FX-8350 and Hyper 212 Evo 1600 RPM

Hello. I'm replacing the stock cooler on my AMD FX-8350 @ 4GHz to Hyper 212 Evo.
I missed a slight detail though - the part number - I wanted 2000 RPM and didn't know there even existed a 1600 RPM version, which I purchased by mistake.

I use my PC for various tasks, including data generation, computing, virtualization, RDP and gaming, often all simultaneously, so the utilization usually will hang around 80-90%.
Also, planning to overclock to 4.4GHz soon-ish.

The question is: Is 1600 RPM going to be enough to keep the CPU and core temps below 60C in decent ambient temps, or should I replace it with 2000 RPM model?

The case is Zalman Z3 Plus, the ambient temps are good and the air circulation is proper.

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  1. run prime 95 for 10 min under full cpu stress and watch your cpu temps. after 10 min will have the same temp area. as an owner of a 8350 I would suggest a AIO liquid cooler though if you really plan to run the cpu at 100% load for long periods of time at overclock. I use a corsair h105 and it needs to run at 80% speed with my cpu at 100% load... I honestly don't see any air cooler support long periods of time at 100% load while staying under 60c long term limit amd recommends.
  2. Thanks, but I need to know at least what to expect before I unbox it.

    No budget currently for liquid AIO, but then, it's a similar Corsair I was going to get.
    Mind, I am not overclocking yet. The CPU is stable with stock cooler at about 50% load of random data computing (math and sorting), at 62-64C.

    I was hoping to get up to 80-90% (fluctuating) at 61C. Does it sound achievable with this 1600RPM cooler?
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