GPU/CPU is Underperforming

I feel like my pc should run games better than it does as I have seen from videos and forums on the internet.

My specs are:
GPU: R9 380x
CPU: AMD FX 8350
Motherboard: MSI 970
PSU: Corsair CX750M (750 watts)

For example, on CS:GO I run the game on 1920x1080 low settings on an average of 80-100 fps, although I'm pretty sure my pc should be reaching at least 150-200 if not more.
On games such as GTA at 1920x1080 low settings, my average fps is around 30, and I'm again pretty sure it should run it at around 50+ fps.
I am 99% sure all my drivers are up to date so I am unsure to why this is happening.

I have done a Furmark test here :

Let me know what I can do to try and fix this issue please.
Thanks, Liam.
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    Uninstall your video drivers, run DDU to clean them out, install them again. Make sure your temps are in normal ranges during gaming for the CPU and video card, check for a newer BIOS for the motherboard. You can try a clean setup of Windows, the locking up and crashes are an issue. Maybe try different RAM.
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