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So I just bought a AMD FX-9590..... And it calls for a liquid cpu cooler..Due to high tdp.I think lol... So I decided on the Corsair H60 AIO because of price and functionality.. So what my question is what is too high and why is there showing 2 cpu spots of temp. Im using CPUID HWMonitor and so ihavve under AMD FX-9590 shows a temp of 22'c idle and around +60'c.. But then under ASUSTeK (my mobo) it has mainboard temp which is 28'c idle and another CPU temp of 46'c idle,, So I'm guessing that mobo cpu temp is the northbridge or something? and thats the one that gets the hottest. Like under load it can get up too +70'c or lower if I under clock this cpu to a 4.6GHz rather than stock 4.7-5.0GHz.... SO IF ANYONE CAN HELP ME UNDER STAND THAT 2ND CPU TEMP. & why it gets so much hotter than the main cpu socket temp.. AND ALSO WHAT IS SAFE/SMART TEMPS TO KEEP MY components AROUND... THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR UR TIME ON READING THIS...
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    a possible solution around this would be to reseat the cpu and apply new thermal paste to the cpu, north bridge and south bridge to be sure
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