Gpu low usage/fps drops

My specs

i7 6700k 4.00 ghz
16.0 GB ram
Msi 1080 8GB
Rm 650x Corsair Psu

Issue: My GPU usage drops in games after 5-15 minutes of gaming, causing lag spikes every 2-4 seconds and 4 times as low fps. Some of my games like the Witcher 3 are unplayable on desired grapchics now. The problem is'nt with my GPU since i only upgraded ftom Gtx 970 to this 1080 a week ago. Nor is the problem with the psu cuz i switched that when i had my 970 just the week before that. I really need help since this has been going on for a couple months and ive still not found a fix.
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  1. I fixed it by formating my pc, dont know what the problem was tho.
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