Why my bios didnt show 1600mhz for dram frequencies

mobo - asus p7h55-m pro
cpu - intel core i3 530@ 2.93Ghz
ram - kingmax long-dimm 1600mhz ddr3 4gb
bios version - 0103
bios build date - 12/3/09

my bios didnt show me dram frequencies of 1600mhz..

i just want to upgrade my ram from 2gb kingston i dont know the frequencies.. please need help..
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  1. does it show it as 800 as the frequency is doubled? if not tripled in some cases.

    the manual for motherboard mentions it can run ddr3 @ 1600

    motherboard manual page it talks about it on page 2-11 under 2.4.2
  2. it does show 800 as frequency but how to know that it is doubled? or tripled?
  3. The motherboard doubles it, ddr = double data rate so I think name implies its doubled.

    The next generation of SDRAM is DDR, which achieves greater bandwidth than the preceding single data rate SDRAM by transferring data on the rising and falling edges of the clock signal (double pumped). Effectively, it doubles the transfer rate without increasing the frequency of the clock.

    Main difference between different types of DDR are the transfer speeds get faster. Seems I was wrong about being tripled, I didn't really know until I looked.

    This might help:
  4. yeah im sorry not included for the ram i changed.. its ddr3
  5. so did i need to change the dram frequency to 800mhz? it give me option of 800, 1333 and 1066 only..
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    The motherboard supports XMP so go into the bios and enable this,choose profile 1.
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