500GB Seagate drive clicks in computer but not in external case


My 500GB Seagate drive clicks in computer but not in external case.

Barracuda 500GB ST500DM002 Firmware JC4B

Why would this a be please?

There are 3 other HDs in case plus CDrom.

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    if by clicking you mean the drive continuously repeatedly clicks and nothing else try changing the SATA cable in the computer and try again.
    if the drive works in the enclosure that means means the drive is working, that leaves the cable, motherboard, or power supply. change the sata data cable and try again, then try a different SATA port on the motherboard, then try a different power connector from the PSU.
    listed in order of likelyhood
  2. Many thanks.

    I did all that and still it does not work in the box. Tried it in another computer and it does work.

    4 of the 6 motherboard female sata plugs are in and working but the other two look like they are not. I even took both power and data cable from a drive that is working to the ssuspect drive and it still did not show.

    Yet, when back in the external, there it is !

    Got me stumped.
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