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Hello. At first, i had a lenovo h50. Bought a new power supply and a new graphics card, along with the NZXT S340. It was all good, until i noticed that the CPU was getting really hot with the stock cooler.
So I looked up a new cooler, and i found the hyper 212 evo. It was perfect for my budget. But the thing is that i'm afraid that it won't fit on the motherboard and it will touch the ram.
Can you please tell me if it will fit? I really don't fell like changing the motherboard.
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  1. The fan on the 212 EVO can be moved up if there is a conflict with the RAM in slot 1.

    The other consideration is...will it fit in your case?
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    I did some research on your motherboard. It looks like you have an Intel i5 or i7 4XXX in there. The Hyper 212 Evo fits the LGA1150 socket so you'll have no problem with the pins lining up. As far as the RAM goes, you should be fine there. The layout is similar to any other motherboard. The fan can be adjusted to slide up a bit just in case or you could orient the cooler in a different direction. The NZXT S340 will allow for the height of the cooler as well. You'll be fine.
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