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Hello, Everyone!

I'm building my first pc (for University homeworks) and bought an Corsair Spec Alpha case to do it. The case already comes with 3 120mm fans, 2 as front intake and the other as rear exhaust. My father bought a Corsair H55 as a gift for my new pc. The question that I have is where to put the H55 in the case to get the best airflow - not disturbing the other 3 fans's air. And to use as intake or exhaust - the manual says to use as intake but many forums indicate to use as exhaust.

Thanks, Anyway
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    I'd install the H55 AIO nearest the CPU Pump Block, which in your case, only at the Rear 120mm Mounting Location (set as exhaust). Your top fan mount slots does not support radiator mounting, so, the rear would be your only option.

    This means:
    Rear = H55 120mm Fan as Exhaust
    Top = 1x 120mm Fan as Exhaust
    Front = 2x 120mm Fans as Intake
  2. For the best performance from the cooler it would be mounted in the front like this one.
  3. try a few things out . try places out and see what spot or position gives you the best results ? how I did mine put in in one place and ran it a day and tracked the results and moved it to another . one spot that looked the best gave a 7c higher temps ??? may need to try different locations and positions for the best overall efficacy in your rig and conditions

    good luck
  4. Likely, the best place is to mount the radiator in the rear, exhausting to the outside.
    It is a bit of catch 22. If you mount the radiator to take in fresh air from the front, you will cool the cpu better but the graphics card and motherboard will get hotter.

    What will be the cpu and gpu that you need to cool?

    I suspect you would do best to exchange the H55 for a cryorig H7.
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